Windows Double Explorer stopped working

Jan 16, 2013 at 3:00 PM

I have two HP laptops.  First my personal laptop running 64bit Windows 7 and second company HP laptop running 32 bit Windows Vista Enterprise Version 6.0.6002 Service pack 2, build 6002.

I have HP docking station and am using either of laptops by plugging them into the docking station.  Therefore both laptops "see" the same peripherals i.e. two external monitors, external keyboard, and two external hard drives.

On both computers I am using WDE Portable Version


With  my private laptop running Windows 7 WDE works PERFECTLY.  However on on the company laptop I am experiencing the problem of "Double Explorer stopped working"

WDE is the best WE alternative.  I have tried FreeCommander and MultiCommender as well as an older (excellent) program called A43.  All three work OK with both laptops but none is as good as WDE.


I am willing to pay 50 USD contribution if I manage to make WDE work with the company laptop running 32 bit Vista.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Nick Zdenkovic (

Following is the information from Help/User Info:

Path to 'user.config':


Path to Application-Settings:  C:\Users\Zdenkovic.Nick\z_Portables\WDE\WDE.config

NOTE: WDE.config is not found in C:\Users\Zdenkovic.Nick\z_Portables\WDE\  ??



Path to  'machine.config':






Application.UserAppDataPath ':