maybe bug and design wish 0.3.6

Jan 27, 2010 at 2:25 AM

bug? in version 0.3.6 in layout 1+2 there is no statusbar at the bottom!

i would really like to see the windows-7 statusbar.


since years i am using q-dir mostly in 2 window 2 treeview layout and in wde i find it

very disruptive to move the mouse cursor to the right of the adressbar to go one level

up or to root.

i think it should be on the right side of the forward-back button. why? it is much less

strain on the hand to move the mouse / cursor to the left side, try it yourself, and it is

especially so if one uses a trackball (for the fingers, for thumbs i have no experience).


windows-7 default icons would be nice as the possibility to change the adressbar to

the new vista/windows-7 one as she allows very quick navigation.

a possibility to make it the default file explorer.


the first time i open windows double explorer i liked it. the design and the tabs whitch

is a better approach then 4 windows in one as in q-dir. and would like to use it as


thanks for your work